My Experiences with LinkedIn Advertising

I wanted to share my personal experience with LinkedIn Advertising, first of all I want to say that I didn’t get any direct sales from this campaign, however for a $63.40 campaign I wasn’t expecting drastic results – I just wanted to learn more about the process of LinkedIn advertising and run some impressions to work out the likely results if this was scaled up in the future with a larger budget.

I was trying to get leads by targeting those who work as marketing director or media buyers and let them know that they can advertise with me in San Diego. To do this I set up Job Targeting and knowing that agencies often are based in other major US cities I targeted the entire country.

I ran different text variations of my ads and allowed LinkedIn to optimize the campaign by delivering more of the ads which had the best click-through rates. I decided to use this measure as my objective was to get people to click my ad and this would take the user to my LinkedIn page.

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I ran the campaign for around 3 months – paying $3.50 per click, there was an option for CPM advertising, but as Click Through Rates in display advertising are typically so low I knew that paying per click (CPC) would deliver better value for me.

I set a daily budget & targeted the following job titles:

media buyer
senior media buyer
assistant media buyer
media planner
media supervisor
media director
broadcast buyer
senior media planner
broadcast negotiator
associate media director
digital media manager
digital marketing manager
digital media
director digital media
digital marketing
digital strategist
new media
marketing manager
marketing director
marketing coordinator
ecommerce marketing manager
online marketing manager
online marketing
online marketing executive
online marketing consultant
online marketing coordinator
director ecommerce
vice president marketing
international marketing director
global marketing manager
senior vice president marketing
assistant marketing manager
assistant brand manager
junior media planner
assistant media planner
digital media planner

I ran the same ads but with a slight change in text

Advertise in San Diego Contact Will Hanrahan – Sales Consultant for the San Diego Union Tribune

Need Online Advertising? Will Hanrahan – Sales Consultant for SignOnSanDiego and the Union Tribune

Advertising in San Diego? Offering Special Rates for SignOnSanDiego and the Union Tribune.

You’ll see in the screenshots that $63.40 delivered 22 clicks, making that an average of $2.88 per click, while considering the Cost Per Thousand makes the situation pretty interesting. The Ad Click through rates varied from 0.015% to 0.024%

I sell display advertising on Premium News Sites around the price of $10 per thousand impressions, meaning that if I was to spend $63.40 at a $10 CPM I would get 6,340 impressions. However when I spend $63.40 on LinkedIn, I was able to get 120,420 impressions – which is a $0.52 Cost Per Thousand Impressions!!! (CPM)

I like the ability to see who has viewed your profile – although some users hide their profiles so I couldn’t see who they were, this wasn’t always the case and I was able to see who had clicked on my ad and then I could follow up with them myself, I thought this was a nice aspect that traditional display advertising didn’t provide.

Unless the Cost per Click rises dramatically here on LinkedIn then I consider this one of the best options around for trying to reach a target audience, especially when trying to reach a particular job title.

Just thought I’d share this with anyone is considering LinkedIn advertising, I can help you set this up and would be happy to provide additional information.

My suggestion is to test this on a small budget for your business and find out what works, and do it quick before LinkedIn raises its prices. Thanks for reading!