My African Adventure. Marketing Research in Kenya

Understanding and developing qualitative research methods in Kenya: A case study with Kenchic Ltd

For my Masters thesis is decided to travel to Kenya to work as a marketing consultant to help a local business overcome a major marketing issue.

I studied the methods of collecting consumer information from the perspective of international marketing research. I considered the use of in-depth interviews as a research method to develop insights into Kenyan eating habits and food culture.

Due to the unique focus of this case study research, a thorough study of relevant literature played a key role in helping to determine the choice of research methodology. 

A happy respondent receiving his chicken after the interview

The research identified the strong cultural links which consumers place on traditional foods and cooking methods, the fears that consumers have over food safety and the key determinants of meat consumption.

Understanding such areas allowed new concepts to be developed and tested – It was hoped that through such findings, this study helped to develop an understanding of Kenyans attitudes, particularly in relation to the current health issues faced by the partner company who supported this research, Kenchic Ltd.

Practical suggestions for the company were provided based on the results of the in-depth interview analysis, and this method was suggested for future replication, alond with recommendations for how this study could be developed and improved.

The findings suggested that the methods used in conducting international market research were successful in eliciting insightful consumer information and it is suggested for use in similar consumer research projects throughout sub- Saharan Africa.

Thanks to those who participated in the interviews and who I met during my stay in Kenya, without their help this report would not have been possible. Special thanks to Harrison – a good chef and great friend

Download the full study here: