What Cities Eat the Freshest Foods?

March 23, 2012

A new survey provides an interesting look into the most fresh and least fresh cities across America. The top 10 “freshest cities” are where residents are seeking and eating the freshest food options available, through farmer’s markets and gardening habits.

The 10 freshest cities in the U.S.

1. Hartford, Conn.

2. San Francisco, Calif.

3. Sacramento, Calif.

4. Portland, Ore.

5. San Jose, Calif.

6. Richmond, Va.

7. Austin-Round Rock, Texas

8. Boston, Mass.

9. Washington, D.C.

10. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.

According to the Ziploc Fresh Eating Survey, 81 percent of Americans are looking for more ways to incorporate fresh ingredients into mealtime, however less than 50 percent actually eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

They uncovered a city-by-city snapshot of food-related choices across America with insight into a metro area’s “freshness” ranking. The results shed light on the fact that Americans want to eat fresh food and are hungry for the resources to do so.

The Ziploc Brand and Rachael Ray have joined forces on a two-year healthy eating initiative encouraging families to “freshover” their outlook on eating, offering families’ recipes, tips, ways to use Ziploc Brand Containers and Bags

The least fresh cities underscore metro areas where residents face obstacles to eating fresh, such as a high prevalence of fast food options and a lack of fresh food resources.

Here are some other interesting findings in the report

  • Texas is a Mixed “Fresh” State – Not only is Texas home to one of the freshest metro areas in the country (Austin, Texas), but it’s also home to three of the list’s least fresh (San Antonio, Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Houston, Texas).

  • People Eat Fresher Near Coastlines – While half the top 10 freshest areas are on the West Coast, overall the top 10 and bottom 10 are equally divided among the West Coast, East Coast, South and Midwest. Three cities in the Bay Area scored in the top five and Richmond, Va. was the only southern city in the top ten.

  • Fast Food vs. Fresh Food Resources – There are 1.45 farmers markets per every 100,000 Americans countrywide, however there are 60.1 fast food establishments tipping the scales toward consumption of fast food. East Coast residents have a better chance of finding farmers markets, including Albany, N.Y. and Hartford, Conn. with 3.84 and 3.26 farmers markets per every 100,000 Americans respectively.

  • Fresh Food Feels Good – Universally across the country, 89 percent of Americans feel like a good parent when their family’s diet contains fresh foods.







Englishman Seeking Traditional English Style Beers in San Diego….

A quick lesson in some classic English beer styles and San Diego brewery New English Brewing Co.

Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB) ESBs are essentially more aggressive and more balanced Bitters, both in alcohol and hop character, but nothing overpowering. Color range will be similar, though leaning towards the darker end of the scale; dark golds to copper. Despite “bitter” being in its name, ESBs are not really all that bitter. They key to an ESB is balance – examples include Fuller’s ESB, Old Thumper ESA & Wells Bombardier.

New English Brewing Co have released explorer E.S.B. Described as an assertively hopped and respectably strong bitter, while balanced with a chewy maltiness. Reviews on Beer Advocate (www.beeradvocate.com) describe the nut and biscuit flavors as highlights of this beer.

English India Pale Ale (IPA) – The majority of British beers with the name IPA include Greene King IPA, Deuchars IPA, Flowers IPA, Wadworth Henrys Original IPA, etc. Though bearing the name IPA, these session bitters are not as strong and hoppy as an IPA in the USA. The English IPA has a lower alcohol due to taxation over the decades. – and you hopheads out there used to West Coast IPA or Sculpin IPA, please don’t be disappointed, this is really how most IPA’s taste back in Britain!!

First brewed in England and exported for the British troops in India during the late 1700s. To withstand the voyage, IPA’s were basically tweaked Pale Ales that were, in comparison, much more malty, boasted a higher alcohol content and were well-hopped, as hops are a natural preservative. Historians believe that an IPA was then watered down for the troops, while officers and the elite would savor the beer at full strength. The leaner the brew the less amount of malt there is and less need for a strong hop presence which would easily put the brew out of balance.

Troopers Tipple IPA is a true English style IPA, using English hops to provide much less bitterness (38 IBU’s) in the authentic English style.  However with plenty of hop flavor due to the use of English East Kent Goldings. Troopers Tipple IPA was designed to be a true ‘session beer’ to be enjoyed while relaxing with friends or as an accompaniment to a variety of food & a good choice for those wanting to appreciate IPAs but who haven’t yet acquired the taste for the outrageously bitter US Style IPAs.

The Tasting Room opened on January 26TH 2012, try the flight of 4 tasters for $5! 11545 Sorrento Valley Rd, Suite 305, San Diego, CA, 92121 – http://www.newenglishbrewing.com

Now Open: The Chalice Factory from Stella Artois

This interesting digital project lets participants create Chalices in a mythical factory and thousands will earn a specially-crafted Chalice of their own


Stella Artois® has introduced The Chalice Factory that walks participants through the experience of creating a Stella Artois Chalice, the vessel that has been carefully crafted to yield the perfect Stella Artois experience.

The Chalice Factory will be open through April 30, 2012. One thousand participants will be randomly chosen throughout each day to receive their own Chalice after completing a tour of the Factory – visit here at http://chalicefactory.stellaartois.com 

Just as red and white wines are poured into specific glasses for peak flavor and enjoyment, the curved shape of the Stella Artois Chalice was designed to enhance the beer’s flavor by releasing the aromas when the liquid is poured and increase the retention of the foam head. Its elegant “star” stem encourages drinkers to keep their warm fingers off of the cold glass, keeping the beer colder for longer.

End to end, the Stella Artois Chalice Factory experience can last more than five minutes. Participants are led by ALICE, a virtual tour guide. The experience is interactive; participants can enable a microphone to speak directly with ALICE, or can communicate with her via keyboard.


ALICE will help the user select the elements that will eventually comprise the Stella Artois Chalice. She will guide the user through the mythical Chalice Factory itself, a stylish realm populated by beautiful workers. She will help the user heat, shape and craft their Chalice. At the conclusion, she will inform the user whether they can take the Chalice home. Ultimately, Stella Artois will bestow thousands of Chalices upon Chalice Factory visitors.

SOURCE Stella Artois

ST. LOUIS, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ 

Nespresso: The perfect cup of coffee, time after time and cup after cup

A simple but revolutionary idea, Nespresso pioneered the concept of premium portioned coffee, designed for maximum convenience. The process redefined the way coffee lovers around the world could enjoy their coffee. Key to the vision was a determination for quality, innovation and perfection.
In the Late 1970s Nestle dominated the instant coffee market with its Nescafe brand, this accounted for 30% of worldwide coffee consumption, although Nestle had no significant presence in the larger roast and ground segment. Senior management realised the opportunities for growth in this rapidly developing ‘gourmet’ segment.

To further develop, produce and market the Nespresso system, a separate company was created. The new business involved selling coffee, something Nestle were already the market leader. The company’s top management decided early on that the similarities between the two businesses were more illusory than real. Nestle were selling instant coffee to the mass market but Nespresso specifically targeted wealthy and young urban professionals, positioning itself as an upmarket brand
A separate company provided a more flexible and dynamic entity, with freedom to experiment. Nespresso could position themselves differently than Nestle, this separation allowed them to develop separate commercial, distribution and workforce policies, it seems that this structure was an important success factor.
Nespresso machines were successfully developed thanks to the creation of an innovative culture and environment that allowed and encouraged team members to take intelligentrisks, giving everyone the chance to be an innovator
In the annual satisfaction survey, 95% of the 1 million respondents were ‘Totally Satisfied’, suggesting brand loyalty created a special and unique relationship. The Nespresso club database allowed segmentation according the consumption patterns and length of membership, the database was set up to handle orders for capsules and customer details, including ordering patterns.
Nestle identified over time that the household market was suitable for building long term business, they recognised that demanding consumers would need to receive high levels of attention to retain their loyalty. Investments were made in the training of sales clerks in retail stores to encourage the first connection, promote tastings and reflect the key attributes of the product to emphasise the points which matched the consumer’s lifestyle. The opportunity was there for a home gourmet coffee experience and Nespresso successfully innovated a fantastic product to fulfil this need.


Are all those frequent flyer miles worth it?

by Will Hanrahan

For me, George Clooney’s role in ‘Up in the Air’ was the classic example of the frequent flyer, the dream of racking up 1 million miles, living out of airport hotels, knowing all the best practices for air travel (alongside a dislike for anyone who slows down their journey through security check-in!)


An interesting article was written today which found that life may not be as glamorous as first thought, the research conducted by Best Western found that 62 percent of business travelers feel guilty while traveling for business and more than two-of-every-three guilty business travelers said they experience remorse about being away from loved ones.


Best Western’s recent business travel survey found the biggest issue in business travel to be:

  • Missing family events
  • Feeling guilty about eating unhealthy or not getting enough exercise while traveling for work.
  • Fewer than 1 in 10 travelers believe that experiencing new food and restaurants is the most enjoyable or rewarding part of a business trip


However there are some perks

  • Business travelers are savvy with loyalty programs. Almost 40 percent of those surveyed belong to three or more travel loyalty programs.


  • Seeing new places is the thing business travelers enjoy most about traveling for work followed by meeting new people.
What do you think – is it worth it?

SOURCE Best Western International, Inc. – Find the original article here http://www.prnewswire.com/bloggers/news-releases/?nrId=141730193

To learn more, visit facebook.com/bestwestern.

Newcastle Brown Ale: Have you experienced the Lighter Side of Dark?

A Uniquely Interesting Combination by Will Hanrahan

I spent 3 amazing years in Newcastle and graduated with a degree in Marketing, so it’s great to see how popular this beer is in the USA. I wanted to share a little more information of the brand and about the city of Newcastle. Cheers!!

Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale: Brewed in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

Ad Campaign Characteristics: Wit, Intelligence & Dry Humor


Dry Heat billboard

Objectives: Breaking Conventions

Standing apart from the perceptions that most domestic beers thrive upon A dark beer that is surprisingly easy to drink

Bloody Smooth

Not your typical ale – an extraordinary beer, distinct and innovative with real ingredients


Educating consumers and sharing the Beauty of the Brand, the Beer and Banter in British Culture

Fun Facts

The day after “Broon’s” launch, it was said the local police appealed to the brewery to make it weaker because the cells were full of drunks.

The ale was also dubbed “dog” by drinkers, as they would make the excuse of going to “walk the dog” when nipping to the pub

Varieties of Newcastle

Founders Ale

  • Newcastle Summer Ale: Refreshing and light, this golden beer offers a subtle citrus hop aroma and a clean, refreshing flavor with a dry finish
  • Newcastle Werewolf: Naturally blood red in color, this distinct tasting fall ale produces a combination of sweet berry overtones and a sudden bite of bitterness
  • Newcastle Winter IPA: Zesty in character and jam-packed with a creamy finish, the Newcastle Winter IPA is full-bodied and hoppy, delivering unique and authentic malt flavors for the cold season and snowy matchdays
  • Newcastle Founder’s Ale: A rich ode to the heritage and the work of five of the best brewers in the city coming together to show off their craft, Founder’s Ale offers a full-bodied ale with a sweet and dry finish

Some Famous Geordies 

Mark Knopfler



Brian Johnson

George Stephenson

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer

Why are people from Newcastle called ‘Geordies’?

ONE theory is that the name was taken from George (Geordie) Stephenson, the mining and railway engineer who hailed from the north-east. 


Another is that it derives from a term of abuse coined by the Scottish Jacobites in the 1745 Rebellion because of the defence of the town of Newcastle against them by supporters of King George (Geordie) II

Angel of the North 

The Angel of the North  Read more here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel_of_the_North)

And Finally….

Did you know the first public demonstration of the light-bulb was given by its inventor Joseph Swan on 3rd Feb 1879 at a lecture theatre in Newcastle, therefore the first public building in the world lit by electric light? In 1881 Mosley Street in Newcastle became the first street in the world to be illuminated by electric light.

Please let me know if you have any more questions about Newcastle and the Brand, always happy to help. I hope you found this article interesting.

Why I’m Starting A Blog

I’m starting to create proper content on this blog regarding online marketing and thought I’d start by summarizing some of the best content I was exposed to at the Online Marketing Summit 2012, in San Diego.

 My objective for this blog is to establish thought leadership, share relevant news and demonstrate my online marketing expertise to be seen as an industry expert.

I am planning on writing a blog post each day on a subject that I feel is relevant and to promote this blog through twitter and other social media channels.

Thanks for looking at this, I appreciate it!


Will Hanrahan


Will Hanrahan